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The Foundation

The Evangelos Pistiolis Foundation is a cultural and charitable institution dedicated to the study, research and promotion of the legacy of the Roman Empire through archaeological research, the financing of archaeological excavations and educational seminars, scholarships and sponsorships in Switzerland and abroad. The initiatives of the Foundation support individuals who further the understanding of Roman economic, technological, and architectural innovations and on the ways in which these innovations have resonated in contemporary practices and thinking.

The establishment of the Foundation was spurred by the founder’s passion for Roman history with a focus on the Think Big Revolution of the Roman Empire vis-à-vis economic, technological, and architectural innovations. The Foundation aims to shed light on the pioneering thinking behind the organization, management, and sustainability of Rome and its Provinces as well as on architectural design innovations, construction quality and speed, and city planning and design of the Roman Empire.

Throughout the years, the founder has been an active supporter of talented young people through the establishment of scholarships and sponsorships, and this practice also lies in the heart of the Foundation.