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Central Group is an independent, private, multi-industry investment group of companies active in the ownership and management of assets.

Central is one of a few groups with extensive global experience across the entire spectrum of asset investment including the order, construction, supervision and management of oil tankers, dry bulk vessels, container vessels, offshore drilling rigs, megayachts, large private jets and helicopters as well identification, acquisition construction and development of real estate internationally in Europe, North America and Asia.


Since 2000, the Group has:

  1. Completed over $7 billion in sale & purchase transactions of ships.
  2. Implemented one of the most extensive shipbuilding programs in the world, currently in its final stages of completion, comprising of 40 high specification medium to ultra large oil tankers with total order value in excess of $2.4 billion.
  3. Successfully developed its own in-house ship designs as well as gained extensive shipbuilding experience.
  4. Established itself as a provider of top tier ship-management services with the world's most demanding clients such as oil majors and world's largest oil and commodity traders.
  5. Gained a worldwide reputation for building one of world's highest specification best designed vessel available.

Real Estate

Since 2000, the Group has identified, acquired, constructed and managed numerous real estate projects, with a specialization in mega mansions with a total value of projects in excess of $400 million. The Group's project portfolio includes residential, mega mansion and commercial real estate projects in Europe, North America and Asia. More specifically:

  1. European portfolio includes projects in the UK (London and more specifically Mayfair, Belgravia and Regent's Park), Switzerland (Gstaad and St. Moritz), Greece (Athens, Cyclades and the Peloponnese) and Cyprus.
  2. North America portfolio includes projects in the USA (Los Angeles, Malibu, Palm Springs, Miami and Dallas) and the Caribbean.
  3. Asia portfolio includes several projects in Dubai.


Since 2006, the Group has been active in yachting via the acquisition and management of large and mega yachts. Total value of projects in excess of $150 million.

The Group has been active in yacht newbuilding ordering, yacht repairs as well as yacht refitting. Current active project consists of 1 mega yacht under construction at a top European shipyard with expected delivery in 2023. Mega yacht experience combined with expertise from shipping and high end real estate development have been combined in the custom design of the interior and exterior spaces as well as the bridge and engine room based on a home-like technical specification.


Since 2007, the Group has been active in aviation via newbuilding orders of 3 ultra large cabin and 1 super mid-size private jets at European and US builders for a total value in excess of $200 million.

The Group has been active also in the operation and management, including chartering, for more than 7 aircrafts.

Management Team

Evangelos J. Pistiolis

Evangelos J. Pistiolis


Andrea Louca

Non-Exec Vice President / Legal Advisor

Alexandros Tsirikos


Nikolaos Papastratis


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